Adult Electives
How to Study the Bible for Yourself
Teacher: Pastor Fischer
Location: Fellowship hall
This course is an adaptation of “Living by the Book” Howard Hendricks and will cover the topics of: 
Origins and accuracy of the Bible
3 Basic steps to Bible study
Language, culture, geography, and history
Interpretation principles
How to use Bible study tools
Moody Institute:  Hebrews
Teacher: Henry Sandt
Location: Library
Through our study of this book, we will see Christ as Superior to the prophets, Christ as God’s full revelation, and why Christ is superior to the angels. 
How to Give Away Your Faith
Teachers: Pastor Plows, Rodney Plows and Peter Cobucci
Location: Sanctuary
So you want to witness but don’t have a clue about how to go about it? Worry people will think you are strange or you won’t be able to answer their questions? Join us as we learn effective and biblical ways to face these fears and discover how to share your faith in a friendly and natural way! 
Children’s Classes
2-3 year olds                                          Room 8
4-5 year olds                                          Room 7
1-3rd grade                                            Room 6
4-6th grade                                            Room 9
7th-12th grade                           Parsonage Basement