We Believe…

We believe in the Bible as the Authoritative and Inerrant Word of God.  

We believe man to be fallen and in need of a savior to have a right relationship with God the Father.
We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son who died and rose again to defeat sin and death once for all.
We believe in the Holy Spirit who convicts of sin and who indwells all who believe.
We believe in Eternal Life in glory for all who confess Jesus as Lord.
We believe in Eternal Separation from God in torment for those who reject Jesus as Lord.
As a member church of the Bible Fellowship Churches we believe the central truths of the Bible have been faithfully summarized in the Statement of Faith found in the Faith and Order of the Bible Fellowship Church.
To access a complete copy of the BFC Faith and Order or the BFC Biblical
Principles for Living from the main BFC website, click a link below: