Our Mission:

Our mission is to share the Gospel and to make disciples of Jesus Christ throughout the Lehigh Valley and the World.

Our Vision:

To be a Biblically functioning community of believers in Nazareth

Engaged in Worship

Growing through Evangelism

Stronger through Discipleship

Connected through Fellowship

Broader in Ministry
Our Values:

WORSHIP – Worship is the act of ascribing worth, paying homage, showing respect and expressing adoration to God.  God values worship and seeks people to be His worshippers. Therefore, we will endeavor to worship Him corporately in public worship, privately in personal study and in the living out of our lives as spiritual sacrifices to bring glory and fame to God.  Further, our worship will be God centered, Biblically sound, purposeful, participatory, and will be at the very heart of all we do.


THE WORD OF GOD –The Word of God is inspired and infallible and as such is the final authority in all matters of life and godliness. Therefore, we are committed to a systematic study of what God’s Word has to say with special emphasis toward practical application.


PRAYER – Prayer is communicating with God in word or thought publically or privately and is an essential component to the life and power of believers and of the church as a whole. Therefore, the importance of prayer will be regularly stressed and practiced permeating all the activities of the church and shall be the primary purpose of one weekly public meeting.


DISCIPLESHIP – Discipleship is the process whereby Jesus commanded we encourage believers to become devoted followers of Christ. Therefore, we will accomplish this through biblical instruction stressing obedience and submission to Christ’s commands.


LEADERSHIP – Biblical leadership is provided by elders of the church, following Christ’s example in shepherding, teaching, guiding and providing oversight under the ultimate authority of Christ who is the head of His Church. Therefore, we shall select elders who meet the Biblical qualifications as clearly mandated in the Scriptures.  God has provided deacons to minister to the church in matters of physical and material need to give the elders greater opportunity to focus on the ministry in the word of God and prayer.


SERVING GOD – We recognize that God has saved us for the purpose of serving Him and has equipped us with varied gifts. Therefore, we will endeavor to assist each believer in discovering and developing their gifts, talents and skills to serve the Lord.  Our goal in serving is not perfection but we will strive to bring God the Glory He deserves through the exercise of our gifts.


EVANGELISM – Jesus Christ commanded disciples to personally share the Gospel locally and abroad. Therefore, in obedience to His command we will keep the Gospel central to our outreach activities and will equip believers for personal evangelism in their families, workplace and community.


FELLOWSHIP – God created fellowship for mutual encouragement to strengthen believers through other believers. Therefore, we will provide and promote opportunity to develop and maintain relationships within the body so we can minister to one another as we follow after Christ.